Raw Chocolate Eggs

Happy Easter. Enjoy healthy raw chocolate!


  • Ambrosiae Cocoa Nibs
  • Raw cane sugar or agave syrup or dates (pureed and warmed in a bain marie)
  • Vanilla or cinnamon



Grind the Nibs by hand in a mortar, adding the desired amount of raw cane sugar. We used 20% of the weight of the Nibs, but the quantity can be adjusted to personal preferences. Alternatively, you can sweeten with agave syrup or stewed dates. Instead of the mortar, you can use a food processor (3 blades) until achieving a moldable paste (we tried this using cane sugar and it was very hard on the motor – perhaps agave syrup would be easier).
Next, in a bain marie, combine the cocoa and vanilla, stirring continuously. Remove from heat as soon as it begins to stiffen, then knead by hand until smooth. When the mix is still warm but cool enough to handle, model it into Easter eggs, or roll it out and use cookie cutters for different shapes, working quickly so it doesn’t become too hard.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.


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