Savory carrot protein pancakes

A light and nutritious lunch or dinner

Ingredients (for 13/15 small pancakes)

  • 100g protein pancake mix
  • 20g red lentil flour
  • 100g carrots
  • 190ml water
  • pinch of salt
  • EV olive oil





Grate the carrots finely and place half in a blender along with the mex, lentil flour, water and salt. Blend to obtain a smooth batter without lumps.

Add the remaining grated carrots and mix with a spatula. Heat and lightly grease a flat-bottomed pan or griddle and spoon the batter to form small pancakes with sufficient distance between them. Cook on one side until golden on the bottom, then flip and finish cooking. Continue in batches till the batter is gone.

Tip: serve your carrot pancakes warm, garnished with chive stalks and flowers, accompanied by non-dairy yogurt and raw carrot shavings.

Un consiglio: servire i pancakes alle carote tiepidi guarniti con gli steli e i fiori di erba cipollina, accompagnati da yogurt vegetale e riccioli di carote crude.

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