Raw foods are ‘living’ foods that maintain all their nutritional properties intact.

Indeed, many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and all those of the B group, are thermolabile, which means they are not resistant or only partially resistant to heat: when we cook food, we destroy part of its nutritional value.

This is why Ambrosiae has chosen to employ a production process that takes place entirely below 42° – the temperature threshold beyond which the nutritional properties of food are compromised.

Cooking also destroys part of the enzymatic charge of food, whereas raw food is rich in nutritional enzymes that reduce stress on the endocrine system. So, by consuming more raw foods, we provide our bodies with foods rich in digestive enzymes, thereby easing the burden of the digestive process.


Superfoods are defined as all those foods (mainly berries, seeds, fruits and roots) which have a higher than average density of essential nutrients, particularly vitamins and minerals.

The consumption of superfoods is directly associated with increased energy, and they are valuable allies in ensuring an intake of the essential nutrients we need throughout the day.

Essential nutrients are those that the body does not synthesize and therefore must be introduced through food. Eating superfoods is therefore very useful for achieving the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

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