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Sprouted Brown Rice Proteins

200 gr

Sprouted Brown Rice Proteins are a 100% vegan product extracted from rice and contain all the essential amino acids.



By mechanically cold-milling sprouted brown rice, it is possible to isolate the protein concentrate from the rest. The protein content is 80%, and contains all the essential amino acids.

They can be added to juices, smoothies, yogurt and soups. Or they can substitute flour (from 15% to 100%) in the preparation of bread, pizza and desserts.

Sprouted Brown Rice Proteins have the following nutritional benefits:

  • High in plan based Proteins
  • Source of Iron
  • Lactose and soy free




100g per portion (20g)
Energy kj1675335
Energy kcal40080
Fat g3,50,7
- of which satured g1,00,2
Carbohydrate g4,00,8
-of which sugars g1,40,4
Fibres g4,00,8
Protein g80,016,0
Salt g0,00,0
Iron/ NRV (*) mg3,2/23%0,6/4,6%
% NRV (*) = Nutrition Reference Values
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Sprouted brown rice protein has the following benefits:

High Protein Content: protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bones.

Source of Iron: helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, contributes to normal metabolic function and to the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.



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