How to prepare for the change of season

The arrival of the warm season can bring with it certain ailments: fatigue, difficulty in keeping up with the daily grind, loss of concentration, headaches, gastrointestinal changes, insomnia and irritability.

Many of these symptoms can be ‘cured’ with the right diet. Indeed, spring is the season of lightness and purification, which in turn can guide us to a summer of wellness.

In this season nature comes to our aid, giving us vegetables and fruits that are vitamin-rich, detoxifying and diuretic. Our advice is to reduce animal proteins and the elaborate dishes with long cooking times typical of the winter season and adopt a diet based mainly on whole grains, legumes and seasonal vegetables and fruit. Bring to the table what the garden offers: salads, the first strawberries and apricots, arugula, chicory and asparagus, and of course spinach, carrots, broad beans and peas. If you enjoy foraging, the fields are full of wonderful bitter greens like dandelion and nettles.

The star of the show is the strawberry, to be enjoyed as a snack or in a mixed salad. They are detoxifying and diuretic, rich in vitamin C and minerals. If you can, it’s better to buy organic!

Radishes, another gift of spring: perfect for digestion and diuresis, and you can also eat the leaves after simply wilting them in a pan.

As for legumes, beans and peas are the undisputed rulers of the season: buy them fresh, peel and boil. Perfect for adding to a grain bowl, combining with a side dish of raw or cooked vegetables, or to create a fresh and healthy soup.

To keep up your mood and concentration, it’s a good idea enrich your diet with the tryptophan and thiamine found in whole grains. Recommended for this season are barley, spelt, quinoa, millet and black Venus rice. They can be used to create magnificent one-dish meals by combining them with vegetables and legumes.

For fatigue, make sure to get your fill of vitamin C, which helps absorb iron. It’s found not only in citrus fruits, but also in strawberries, kiwi and all green vegetables!

So, have a lovely spring! And keep up with us – the next upload will feature a menu dedicated to the change of season!

Francesca Oggionni Dietician

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