When Raw Food meets Superfood

Ambrosiae make in Italy with love simple, healthy and raw foods enriched with superfoods. Everything is made from the best raw, organic, plant-based and gluten free ingredients.

Diets fail

Why do diets fail?   How many times have you complained or felt guilty about not following a diet? And how many times have you said, “I’ll start again Monday”? …

Lemon Hemp Protein Bar

Raw protein bar with a base of hemp protein and organic lemons. Naturally gluten-free, with no soy, lactose or added sugars

Sport Tribe

Ambrosiae and Sport have a lot in common. For this reason we created the Ambrosiae Sport Tribe: a team of athletes which eat healthy and simple foods. All of the members of the Sport Tribe love to take care of themselves considering all the small things which in reality are very important. Fuel Your Mind, Love Your Body.



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