Virginia De Martin

cross country skier

Cross-country Skier

My name is Virginia, I’m a cross-country athlete and I grew up in a small town in the Dolomites. It was there that my passion for sports was born, which over time led me to make it my profession, embracing the opportunity to travel and compete internationally. In winter I’m on the snow, in summer I’m running among rocks and trees and brooks, living the entire year in close contact with nature, with which I have a symbiotic relationship of love and respect.

The white butterfly is the guiding thread that ties the pieces of my life together. It hovers delicately among the happiest memories of my childhood, it accompanies me in the special moments and trying circumstances of my existence, I grew up with it until realizing that those wings are on my own back, that I face challenges with the fragility and courage as a white butterfly.

My sport is all about endurance, so to deal with the long summer workouts and intense winter competitions, I need to be well fueled and stay light at the same time. For this, nutrition is crucial. The food I consume must be natural, high in nutritional power and respectful of the environment.

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