Denis Fumarola

mountain biker

My introduction to mountain biking was a bit unusual. I don’t have a clear memory of my first ride or even my first race, because I was only 4 years old. Fortunately, in the photos of that first real race you can’t tell that I had just removed the training wheels, and that the reason I’m portrayed with my dad (my first fan) is because he was running beside me. I was is practically born on a fat tire bike.
I participated in all the youth categories, like newcomer and student, with decent results at the national level. With the transition to the Junior category I had my first breakthrough by winning an international race and an official Italian championship race, and by taking part in my first world championship. In 2015 I won the Italian championship in the Under 23 category, a unique experience that I’ll never forget: I realized then that in sport, as in life, it’s the smallest details that make the difference. 2016 was also a very successful year, the most important achievement being my 10th place finish in the final leg of the Andorra World Cup last September, which gave me a lot of satisfaction and confidence in my potential.
For me it’s important to eat well, but not only in terms of the right foods – they must also have the right quality. I always repeat something that someone very dear to me once said: «Remember that we are what we eat! ». Since then I decided to find all the quality foods I could, especially because according to this school of thought, I’ve seen that my strength is better when the quality of the food I eat is better. Better strength, better performance… better results, better quality of life. Thanks to Uberfood, I feel good!! Moreover Ambrosiae helps me concentrate not only when I exercise, but when I study!


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