Andrea Tiberi

Mountain Biker

I was born in Turin on 15 November, 1985. I started practicing sports when I was 10, including mountain biking which has been a part of my life ever since. I turned professional in 2004, and I’ve been a member of the national team since 2002, participating in 14 European Championships, 13 World Championships and the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

I’m a supporter of Human Movement, and throughout my career I’ve always thought it very important to know about matters concerning my profession; I took a degree in Physical Education from the Università di Scienze Motorie in Turin, and never miss an opportunity to be better informed on the latest trends in exercise, wellness and nutrition. In short, I approach sports, my discipline and my work primarily through the search for a perfect state of physical and mental health, and never so much as now has nutrition been considered one of the key factors for wellness and for the pursuit of the best physical condition and athletic performance… And in this, Ambrosiae products are a great help!

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