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Cocoa Nibs

130 gr

Chopped raw cocoa beans.




Cocoa Nibs are chopped raw cocoa beans. The cocoa bean is found inside the tropical cocoa fruit, and was prized by the Mesoamerican civilizations as early as 1500 BC.

They can be enjoyed alone as a practical snack, or added to other foods like breakfast cereal, yogurt, smoothies or ice cream. They’re great for giving a touch of originality to classic recipes such as cookies, cakes and homemade desserts.

Cocoa Nibs have the following nutritional benefits:

  • High in Potassium
  • Source of Iron
  • High in magnesium




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Ambrosiae cocoa nibs have the following benefits:

High Potassium Content: contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure, muscle function and nervous system function.

High Magnesium Content:  helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and promotes normal muscular function.

Source of Iron: helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, contributes to normal metabolic function and to the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

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